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No Holding Back


No Holding Back

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SLT072: No Holding Back – Soledrifter
Release Date: March 25, 2014

1. Friend and Foe
2. Do To Me
3. No Holding Back
4. Quest For Beauty feat. Alexandra Morrison

Release Info

Soledrifter delivers a diverse and epic EP filled with high quality production ethics and a plethora of captivating sounds with elements ranging from an amalgamation of styles. Bumpin bass grooves, Warm synth layers, and dynamic textures evoke deep, disco, funk, and 80′s tinged nuances while maintaining a serious dose of soul.

We are more than thrilled to share this with the world and hope you appreciate the diversity as much as we do.

Please support indie labels and DO NOT copy or share! Respect and rock the disco-tech!

We hope you enjoy…

Artist Feedback

Inland Knights (Andy): “Do To Me” is the cut for me but all nice jams…will play.
Mark Farina: Great stuff!
Mr.V: Love this package man… Salted did it again!
Giom: Quite like “Do To Me”…
Richard Earnshaw: Very nice EP indeed.
Soulmagic: Quality with a capital Q. Loving “Quest for Beauty”.
DJ Mes (GuestHouse Music): Holee F***! You guys are on fire!
Jask: Nice vibes here!
Seb Skalski (SpekuLLa Records): Outstanding material!! In my box!
Christian Alvarez (Delecto Recordings): My man delivering the heat. Great EP!
CJ Mackintosh: Friend and Foe working for me.
Arco: Excellent work! Do To Me is amazing track & my pick for this EP.
Yogi (Random Soul): Nice work Salted, as always… diggin the vibes here…
Kevin Kind: Salted what you “Do To Me”… Solid release yet again.
Louis Benedetti (Soulshine Recordings): In the box!
Michael Fossati ( What a seductive slice of dance floor goodness…
J&M Brothers: Nicely done! Quest For Beauty my favorite cut. Overall a great release. Full support!
Nick (Groove Assassin): Souldrifter bringin the HEAT!
Husky (Random Soul): Nice collection of tracks!
DJ Bryan Jones (Golf Clap): No Holding Back is quality.
Dave Mayer: Feeling this. Love Soledrifter’s work.
Nick Haussling (Warner Bros. Records): Excellent EP. Super funky!
Chris Samba: Great selection of deepness…
Littlemen (Smokescreen): Nice EP, Quest for Beauty is a top track too.
Rob Paine (Worship Recordings): Pretty cool EP. Good vibes.

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Bruce Tantum (East Village Radio/Brooklyn Radio): Good range of hotness, from funky and bumping to deep and luscious. I suspect I’ll be playing ALL of them!
Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge): Love the funky vibes.
Mr. Moon: Amazing EP. All tracks rock.
Dutchican Soul (Niels): Nice EP! No Holding Back is my fav of this pack. Full support as usual!
Benji de la House (The BB Girls): Nice!!!
Vincent Kwok: Funky grooves here, my favourite is Do to Me.
Micky More: Very Nice Ep.
Darren Holland (Baldeelox Records): Really Impressive tracks! Murders! Loving each for different reasons!
DJ Tomas (KUSF): As perfect as dancefloor house gets. Rock solid tracks, every one of them funk-drenched and bouncing just right.
Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza Voice): Nice release.
Benji Candelario ( Funky tunes!
Juan Sunshine (MoD Podcast): Hot tunes on it…Love it!
Sean Johnson (Dizzy Funk Soundsystem): Oh my gosh! Friend and Foe is incredible! All round top notch EP!
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio): Killer EP! Quest for Beauty and Do to Me are definitely must haves for us, and all four tracks will be on our house playlist ASAP!
C&M Productions (truhouse radio): Friend and Foe is my favortie!!
Antony Angell (Essential House Radio/Stereo Sushi): Awesome release, love the ‘Do To Me’ track!
Kiss FM Ukraine: We’ll be taking “Friend and Foe” into rotation.
Venus Kitagawa-Stojsic (Spafax Airline Network): Great sounds as usual. Don’t usually dig vocals but somehow Salted is always spot on. Will use one of the tracks on Cathay and SAS for May 2014.
Wazzup?: Very cool vibes!
DJ MFR (Transport Recordings): Full support from me!
Tyler Withrow (KCSC Radio): Some funky house…
Bobi (City Radio UK): All tracks are good, warm, phat, and groovy. Just what I need now. Respect.
Michael Stukes (WHCR 90.3 FM / Harlem, USA): Super duper stuff here.
Chris Brooks (Artscape Festival, ESL): Definitely will be supporting this release. Good stuff!
Jon Vazquez (Groove Culture Radio): Groovin!!!
Mike Schwab (DJ Extraction Jackson): Very quality stuff. “Do To Me” is the bumper!
Mariusz Kacki (DJ Tenessee): Another sexy and deeeeeep release from Salted! Love it and will use it for my next Liquid Music radio show!
Will Turner (Radio Galaxie / France): Nice one. I will play it in my 100% PROMO radioshow hosted by Galaxie FM.
Tom Buck (HouseVibes): No Holding Back is the pick of the bunch for me. Solid groove on that, supporting!
Sole Kitchen: Quest for Beauty and No Holding Back are great tracks. Great all around EP.
Andreas Tatzreiter (Vienna / Radio NRJ): Singa, yeah. Nice tracks! Will try it out this weekend for sure!
Ricardo da Costa (Soul Candi Records): Power!
Joe Bermudez (XM Radio / DJ Times): Cool release!
DJ Therry (Jerk House Connection): Loving the Friend and Foe. Full full support
Simone Nani (Simon J): Fantastic EP! Amazing!
DJ Easy ( “Do To Me”
Deli-G (Future Of House): All About “Quest For Beauty” Joint.
Ian Bang (www.DV.FM): No Holding Back will do it for me in some warmup sets.
Joey Silvero (Distant People Mix Show): Jazzy funky EP here, hard to choose a favorite, but I’ll root for No Holding Back! Full support!
Stephen Hernandez ( Radio Phoenix): Full support! Great cuts!
Calin Marian (Tunnel FM): Cool sounds guys…
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show): Pure bliss.
Mason Rothert (Below Zero / Thump): Friend and Foe – Love this dirty deep sound.
DJ Bool (Jerk House Connection): Super groovy bass funky.
Craig Bartlett (LAMERICA UK): No Holding Back and Friend or Foe are bangers – full support from me!
Steve (Progressive Pulse): “Quest For Beauty” is exquisite perfection. Perfect Spring/Summer 2014 track.
Dan Managan (Trojen Records): Loving Friend and Foe. Slick sounds.
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music): Quality
Esra Kocadogan (Sony Music): Deep and groovy…
Willyum / Will Putney (Worship Recordings): Nice package of deep dance floor friendly tracks. Will play. thanks!
DJ Reeplee: I like the entire EP! Full support!
Wesley S (Tool Room Records): NICE NICE NICE!
Dj Pelau (Swagger LifeSytle): Quest For Beauty – This was the standout track for me, had a lot of interesting things going on, including the sultry singing…
Mauricio Aviles: Cool vibes…

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