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Miguel Migs feat. on Beatportal for Weekend Weapons

By July 22, 2011December 12th, 2019No Comments

San Francisco’s Miguel Migs teamed up with disco legend Evelyn “Champagne” King for the lead single to his forthcoming album, Outside the Skyline; out this week on OM Records, ”Everybody” finds the Salted Music head doing what he does best, embellishing deep house grooves with elements of funk and R&B, resulting in an organic, hybrid sound that’ll sound as good in the kitchen or the car as it does on the dancefloor.

And as far as the dancefloor goes, a carefully chosen set of remixes give this tune extra legs. Aki Bergen delivers a moody, spacious squarewave workout; Soul Clap put a chugging Italo spin on things; Hardsoul goes for a skippy, high-stepping groove, and Nav Izadi slinks into sultry deep house with cowbell to spare.

As you may know, Migs doesn’t often submit DJ charts—we haven’t had one on Beatport since 2005—so we feel honored that he volunteered to submit a set of Weekend Weapons. Read on for Migs’ selection and comments, and keep your eyes peeled for “Everybody Pt. 2,” featuring remixes from Ghosts of Venice, Vernon & Dacosta and Kid Who, plus still more mixes from Aki Bergen and Hardsoul. Check out “Everybody” here.