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Magnetic Magazine Review of ‘Outside The Skyline’

By October 24, 2011December 12th, 2019No Comments

Miguel Migs Breaks Down The Inspiration On His Latest Album, “Outside The Skyline”.

If you haven’t heard Miguel Migs’ latest album Outside the Skyline you can pick it up now via the multi faceted Om Records and Salted Music. The San Francisco stalwart pulled together an impressive line-up of collaborators which not only includes the original disco diva Evelyn “Champagne” King, but also reggae legends Half-Pint and Freddie McGregor, first lady of musicianship Meshell N’degeocello, Berlin based singer Georg Levin and bossa nova phenomenon Bebel Gilberto and of course two vocalists who’ve been regular co-conspirators, Aya and Lisa Shaw.

Why all the collaborators?

“I enjoy creating all types of music and I take inspiration from everything around me. Its not about trends or what’s fashionably popular, its about creative expression, quality, emotion and artistic integrity. I love and listen to all styles of music and try to blend the influences together into my songs. Including elements of funk, soul, dub, disco, ‘80s sounds and rock…” – Miguel Migs

Here’s what Miguel Migs has to say about Outside the Skyline and the artists and songs that inspired it all…

Evelyn Champagne King “Love Come Down”
“It’s a tough choice between “I’m In Love” and “Love Come Down” as they are both mega classics! The bassline grooves and melodies are simply irresistible. She is such a legend!”

Bebel Gilberto “Sem Contencao”
“Tanto Tempo is a beautiful album and although it’s not easy to choose a favorite this song in particular really resonates with me. The lush melodies and smooth, classy and sophisticated bossa nova sounds to ease the mood.”

Half Pint “Mr. Landlord”
“From “Winsome” to “Have A Little Faith” and “Pouchie Lou,” Half Pint is a true reggae legend with an amazing and original style to his singing. I’ve been a huge fan of his voice and work since I was 12 years old and this cut was always one of my favorites.”

Freddie McGregor “Rhythm So Nice”
“Freddie has such a deep catalogue of songs under his belt and although Big Ships is one of my favorite classic reggae albums of all time, this song is brilliant and so uplifting. He was amazing to work with and such a genuinely cool person with a great vibe and that says a lot.”

Capleton “That Day Will Come”
“There is such a raw and powerful quality to his songs. A dance hall legend, but his roots material is what I gravitate more towards and although I have a few favorites this song stands at the top for me, with its straight ahead infectious groove and conscious lyrics.”

Meshell Ndegeocello “White Girl”
“Such a cool rhythm with subtle dubbed out textural sounds in this track, her voice soars softly with warm emotional depth. Meshell is one cool mofo!”

Lisa Shaw “Feel”
“Lisa has such a unique and smoky characteristic to her instantly recognizable voice that I never get tired of it. We have worked together for so many years and she always delivers the goods as she does on this lovely track off of her amazing album Free.”

Aya “Nobody Knows Me”
“I love Aya’s seductive voice, it’s so silky and moody and this is such a luxurious and gorgeous song. She really has a way of drawing you in with her hypnotizing melodies.”

Georg Levin “(I got) Somebody New”
“Georg is one smooth cat and this song is so dope, simple and effective… soaring vocal melodies ride over stripped down deep house production. It’s soulful and captivating.”

Sonny J Mason “Life Is The Music”
“When I first met Sonny in Spain years ago, he played me this track and I instantly picked it up for my label. His voice has that classic R&B Soul element to it and this Original version has such a fun upbeat vibe to it. I knew we had to take a stab at doing some music together.”