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SLT249: Way Back - Julius Papp feat. Lisa Shaw (Salted Music)
MOVING LIGHT Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw
SLT144: This Melody Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw (Salted Music)
SLT109: Waterfall - Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw (Salted Music)
SLT097: I Can See It - Lisa Shaw - Salted Music
About Lisa Shaw

It all started in New York City, almost by accident. The Toronto native came to New York on vacation, and never went home. Growing up in Canada, the last of six children with parents of Jamaican heritage. She’s had many genres of music that have influenced her. Her father and brother were both dj’s and at a very young age she had the opportunity to see acts like “Sister Sledge, “Chic” & “Kool and the Gang”. It all took place at Toronto’s Ontario Place where free concerts were put on in the park. As she looks back, she realizes how lucky she was to have witnessed such great classic bands. She may have been a burden to her siblings, but she is more than thankful that her mother made them take her along. Lisa grew up in a house filled with reggae, funk soul, jazz, folk, rock, disco, and new wave. There wasn’t anything she didn’t listen to or wasn’t open to when it came to music, and it shows in her work to date.

Being in New York, Lisa received a warm welcome from the underground electronic community, and released her first single written by DJ Smash. The title “Makin’ Love Makin’ Music,” released in 1995 on New Breed Records. Other independent labels also featured her vocals such as Dj Wally And Swingsett’s, “Dog Leg Left” on Ubiquity Records, and her first major hit in the UK, “If I Could” on Sirkus Records. A few years later she teamed up with Jay Denes, Dave Boonshoft, and Bruno Ybarra of Naked Music Recordings.

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