MJ – Rock With You – Tribute Bootleg

Get your FREE download link to one of Migs’ little bootleg gems, “MJ – Rock With You –  Tribute Bootleg”.

Happy Holiday Music Lovers!

I wanted to share with you this little bootleg I did as a stocking stuffer! I actually created this bootleg remix the day Michael Jackson passed away as a tribute to all the amazing music he shared with the world. Every time I play it out people ask me about it so I wanted to simply give it away to anyone who wants it.


Thanks and happy holidays to everyone.

Much love!


56 Responses to MJ – Rock With You – Tribute Bootleg

  1. Dj Paul Heron says:

    Amazing mix m8t! Your one of the most consistently spot on producers! I’ve been playing your records for years!

  2. JAMES COLMAN says:

    Thank you for an amazing remix, great work here.

  3. Julie White says:

    Miguel thank you so much! Your tribute is right the fuck on!!! Love your style and huge heart.

  4. E. Kapu says:

    Thank you!!!

  5. DJ Papi says:

    Best remix I have heard of this classic MK cut… cheers and thanks from your friends in Manila…

  6. lucasescuti says:


  7. Rico says:

    THANKS from brasil !!!

  8. Ell K B says:

    Sweeter than sugar, you absolutely nailed it mate!!!

  9. Nicholas AKA Dj Nieko says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Migs! You are an absolute sweetheart for putting all of the work it requires to produce such a beautiful remix and just give it away for free! Thank you so much! :o)

  10. Jose says:

    Great work!! Thanks for share. Cheers!

  11. Sloan Junior says:

    Brilliant Boot! Thanks for sharing!


    One of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES…..great job sir, you have brought it to a great level keeping those Classic Flavours in-tacked…

    Ps, would you be interested in doing a remix on the BEAT RIVALS (Gotta Be) “Free” ?

    Kindest Regards,

  13. RolandTheArtist says:

    5 ***** Rework !

  14. delProfundo says:

    Thanks bro love it!

  15. Andre Androide says:

    Excellent!!!!! The best music! IoI

  16. Chris Treacy says:

    Many thanks Migs, belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep up the good work, fella!

  17. Mika Juhani says:

    Whatta awesome re-work!

  18. DJ Demize says:

    this will go down lovely next weekend bro, well done on the silky smooth MJ remix. Keep Rockin’

  19. gregory wilde says:

    Excellent Remix :)

  20. Into The Deep #5 says:

    […] Nice bootleg by Miguel Migs grab it FREE here […]

  21. Freaky Fizzle says:

    Wonderful rework of a classic! What a great treat!

  22. aaron osnaya says:

    wow remix excellent merry christmas (master Miguel)

  23. Angel Sanchez A.K.A.DJ Skorpiuz says:

    Thank You Miguel for this wonderful remix you have given to all of us.You never disappoint when it comes to your music. As a DJ from Salinas,Ca I wish you and your familia a very very Merry Christmas and an awsome New Year. If your ever Back in this area of the Central Coast we would love to here you spin a set at the Fox Theater or anywhere else around here.

  24. Vito D Santi says:

    Big MJ, Big Migs! Merry Xmas*

  25. Robert Mayfield says:

    Wow!!!This is a beautiful track!!! Thank You and Merry Christmas Mr. Migs

    Sincerely, DJ Rob M

  26. Robert Mayfield says:

    This is a beautiful track!!! Thank You and Merry Christmas Mr. Migs

    Sincerely, DJ Rob M

  27. Tim White says:

    Great remix for the holiday season to make everyone smile.
    Happy Festive.

  28. lookin4sum says:

    thank you for bringing me here saved in my favs. merry christmas

  29. juanPa says:

    I’ve always appreciated MJ and his music. Your take on this mix was sexy cool.
    Tapas misses u Migs. Love Peace & Respect

  30. DJ Mike McKnight (DeepGrüv) says:

    Great Little blast from the past… It’ll be fun to rock this for my gang when I play next…

  31. Jim Arkadian says:

    Thank you for the remix and Merry Christmas from Jacksonville, NC!!

  32. Joe Gomez says:

    Gracias Miguel what a jamming Remix , Much Enjoyed ,Merry Christmas , All the best to You !!!

  33. Jeff B says:

    Superb Remix & can’t wait to play this out thanks for sharing Miguel! Happy Holidays!

  34. Funky Blackman says:

    Hey Migs – Been a fan of Salted for a long time.. Thanks for this remix!
    Very kool!!!! We all appreciate this!!
    Merry xmas and happy new year!!!

  35. Adam Vicious says:

    loving your stuff since 2004! thanks for the booty Mr Migs. merry christmas!

  36. djhanlee says:

    thanks for the track looking forward to dropping it

  37. Oscar Soto says:

    Great Stuff!! Very Smooth…..Thanks for sharing your MUSIC a Blessing from the Sky. Happy Holys and many Blessings. Keep up the Good Vibrations.

  38. Manc Called Adam says:

    Thank you for the free download.
    love from Manchester UK.

  39. Dean Serafini says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, I love the original and you’ve edited it very tastefully (not that you need me to tell you). Will make full use of this one!

  40. DJ Meme says:

    Jesus Christ !!

  41. Maxitronic says:

    Gracias Miguel! Many thanks for sharing this great remix, been a fan & follower of your work for many years… Happy holidays from the warm Buenos Aires !

  42. Mirko Sardinia says:

    Great Remix. Become one of the most played tracks in my playlist

  43. Domscott says:

    Thanks for this little number, it will have it use for use, keep em coming and have a great Christmas and New year.


  44. Bruce Robertson says:

    Hi Migs… very nice indeed! Can’t wait to play this :))) Many thanks.


    HI MR. MIGS, ESTE TRACK SONARÁ EN MI PROGRAMA DEL PRÓXIMO JUEVES, SE LLAMA “IN DA HOUSE SESSION RADIO SHOW”, SALE A TRAVÉS DE http://www.antenacemu.com, desde las 21 hrs. es posible que abra le emisión con esta joya, con tu permiso. Gran remix, me encanta. gracias por tu trabajo, ya dispongo de algún vinilo que otro tuyo. por cierto, hablando de vinilos, esto saldrá en 12″?, sería un golpe de efecto espectacular ver esta joya girando en los sl 1200. gracias de nuevo. un saludo desde Madrid.

  46. Graham says:

    Hey Migs,

    Thanks for this cool gift, this is one of my fav songs by Michael, so what a gift eh!

    Have a safe and enjoyably rocking Christmas and New Year.


  47. Alex Porter says:

    Thanks a million Miguel, top remix from a top guy. Can I be really cheeky and ask you you to give away your Billy Ocean Edit!. Merry Christmas!

  48. Chris @ Chiil Vibe Experience says:

    Nice work, I’ll be grooving to this for the new year.

  49. danny says:

    Thanks and happy holidays to you !!!!

  50. Norah - Dubai says:

    Happy Holidays Miguel! Listening to your music always makes me miss SF. Hope to see you out this way soon. xxoo Norah

  51. david says:

    another gem my man this will definitely get some play in my rotation! Happy Holidays.

  52. Lisa Libutti says:

    I’ll rock with YOU all night long! Great mix MM!

  53. DJ Dee Cf says:

    The key themes from the MJ track are woven smartly within – Thanks !

  54. Reggie Hotmix Harrell says:

    Great remix. Can’t wait to play this out.

  55. Steven Lam says:

    Thank your for sharing this track Miguel. Been a fan for 10+ years and you haven’t lost your touch. Happy Holidays!

  56. Ismo "Ippe" Kemppainen says:


    Thanks a lot of your nice bootleg-edit share all of us :)

    If You ever… sorry… EVER have a dj-gigs/tour to Scandinavia, please contact to me. I’m also dj and I know how to make you happy :) Helsinki (Finland) is really nice place, between Sweden and Russia and you have lot of fans and huge crowd of music lovers, who really like hear you play records at some nice clubs on here. Remember that always!

    Have a nice Christmas Holiday and enjoy life, music and freedom!

    xxx Ippe

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