Miguel Migs

Everything in Between

Kinky Movement


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SLT093: Everything in Between – Kinky Movement
Release Date: Feb 12, 2016

1. I Tried
2. Onsei (Dub Mix)
3. Keep Moving On
4. Onsei

Release Info

Kinky Movement return with a dynamic well rounded release featuring Deep, Soulful and Nu Disco sounds showcasing their creative range – offering up plenty of bouncing basslines, warm chord progressions and catchy vocal phrases for your listening and hip swaying pleasures.

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Kenny Dope: Nice Vibes On This!
ROY DAVIS JR: Good vibes!
King Britt: Wow…sampled Basscut…big big…but hopefully this is cleared.
Tony Humphries / Jacko: Cool grooves!
Noah Levine (Urb Magazine): Bumping!
Johnny Fiasco: I DIG!!
Danielle Moore (Crazy P): Love Onesie and I TRIED…
DJ Mes (GuestHouse Music): Nasty, nasty! I love the whole package!
J&M Brothers: Nice package!
BLACKSOUL: very good! definitely one of the finest productions I’ve heard from Kinky. Very musical, soulful and groovy.
Jask: Very smooth grooves…
Soul Candi A&R Team: Wicked grooves!
Kevin Kind: Deep and groovy…
Arco: Great stuff here! 5/5
DJ Bryan Jones (Golf Clap): I Tried is a killer!
Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza Voice): Nice release!
Homero Espinosa (Moulton Music): Sooooooooo good!
Sean Johnson (Dizzy Funk Soundsystem): Oh My Gosh! Those Kinky chaps never fail to please.


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