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Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw


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SLT144: This Melody – Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw
Release Date: October 5, 2018

1. This Melody
2. This Melody (Salty Space Rub)
3. This Melody (Keep Pushin Dub)
4. This Melody (The Love Vocal)

Release Info

‘This Melody’ explores thoughtful self expression with all the warm feels evoking a smokey vibrant mood and edge as it combines deep and soulful elements with a nostalgic approach.

The artistic craft of song writing and production values are celebrated and presented here featuring Ms. Shaw’s beautiful buttery vocal tones as they soar over lush dynamic textured and layers – also including the Dub versions that veer into deep, spacey and bouncy territories.

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DJ Mark Knight (Tool Room Records): Thanks for the music!
Dario d’Attis: Amazing release…full support.
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT: God damn! This is dope! Catapulted me straight to the best days of Naked Music and Miguel Migs. Love it!
Richard Earnshaw: One of the finest producer/vocalist collaborations of all time…. how good is this!! All the mixes are bang on!!
Jon Cutler: Quality!
DJ Bryan Jones (Golf Clap): Sick
Soledrifter: Lovely! Beautiful mixes.
Kinky Movement: Nice tracks as always. Think Keep pushin dub is the one I’ll play. Cheers!
Nickodemus: Just perfectly smooth, clean & in the zone.
Trevor Mac (Jalapeno Records / Floorplay Music): Class from Miguel as always.
Soulmagic: Impossible to pick a favorite. This brings us back! Such an iconic Naked sound.
Jeff Craven (Large Music): Another sublime collab from the one and only M&L. Love the vocal and will be listening at home often. For dancefloor action I am gonna hit the Keep Pushin Dub!
Dave Mayer: So good! Love all of the mixes but Salty Space Rub is my favorite!!
Jask: Sounds so dope.
Dutchican Soul: Love this! The team continue to deliver! Wonderful vocal performance and cool vibes in the original. Keep Pushin Dub is another banger!! Thanks!
DEEPLOMATIK (Seb Skalski / SpekuLLa Records / Purple Music): Outstanding production! Hard to choose the best version!
Soul Candi A&R Team (South Africa): So smooth…
Groove Assassin: Superb! Miguel Migs bringin’ the serious HEAT!
Dave Storm: The Love Vocal Mix sounds lovely!
Deli-G (Future Of House): Migs’ & Lisa what can one say “Total Classic” on this joint. Radio show and club bound for sure. All mixes on point.
Jarred Gallo: Migs & Lisa…The perfect match! Loving the original!
Deep L Dove: Beautiful
Yogi (Random Soul): I will NEVER get tired of seeing a Migs track turn up in my inbox… LOVE this one… so dope… feels like yet another that I will be playing for years to come.
DJ Scotty Boy (Fyasko Music): Seeexxxyyy
Antony Angell (Essential House Radio Show / Stereo Sushi): This reminds me of the old naked music stuff, love the vocal on it.
Alek Soltirov: Beautifully crafted! Always inspiring!
Raw Underground: Amazing work. Great track and awesome vocals! Chart killer for sure.
Michael Stukes (WHCR 90.3 FM / Harlem, USA): DIGGGGGGING this….. :O)
Michael Fossati (Spiritofhouse.com): Simply beautiful…
GUSTAVO FK (BARCELONA/BRASIL): Amazing Migs! Big vibes from Brazil! Full Support!

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