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SLT107: Waterfall – Miguel Migs feat. Lisa Shaw
Release Date: December 16, 2016

1. Waterfall (Deluxe Deep Dub)
2. Waterfall (Original Vocal)
3. Waterfall (Stripped & Salty Vocal)

Release Info

‘Waterfall’ focuses on this duo’s artistic love of self expression and creating songs that connect with the soul through exploration… Migs’ production values and Lisa’s unmistakable smokey and sultry vocal tone are all on open display here under quality control craftsmanship while delivering a message in the music. The result is a little gem that almost transports you back to another era in “dance music” while also maintaining and embracing current technical aesthetics and sounds.

The ‘Deluxe Deep Dub’ explores more moody and dubby territories with its penetrating bassline while intricate layers of dubbed out vocal parts filter in and weave out as the dark organ drone and spacey effects draw you in for the ride.

The ‘Stripped & Salty Vocal’ takes a more minimal approach and brightens up the palette with a hint of Nu-Disco flavor and a classic soul fueled flow that delivers a nostalgic touch.

We love and appreciate good quality music, no matter the genre, and we take inspiration and influence from everything around us to create our art. We hope you enjoy the music.

Select Artist Feedback

Jeff Craven (LARGE MUSIC): I don’t really know how to put into words what I think of this release; I have been haunted by it all weekend. I think it is both Lisa & Miguel hitting pure perfection. The production & lyrical content transport me back to nights long gone by when we were all much younger, full of hope and danced until the sunrise. We have all lost friends and loved ones who were there with us…and the tenderness of this record makes me miss them, cherish their memories and dance to honor their life. This is one of my favorite records of 2016 and an instant classic. One of the best Salted releases of all time in my humble opinion. Thank you both for making magic! This music veteran and friend appreciates it more than you will ever know.
Tony Humphries (DJ Jacko): Really nice tune!
Raul Campos (KCRW / LA): Amazing tune!!
Sebb Aston / Sebb Junior: Wonderful release.. Deluxe Deep Dub is fantastic!
Da Sunlounge: Quality from Migs again! Lisa’s voice is just stunning.
Andy (Inland Knights): Stripped vocal is cool…
Jon Cutler (NYC): Quality!
Sam Divine (Defected): Dope!
DJ Mark Knight (Tool Room Records): Nice package, downloaded for Mark Knight (Mark Storie MK Mgmt)! Please check the weekly Toolroom Radio show tracklist for radio play… Thanks
Richard Earnshaw: Properly enjoying this!!
Marques Wyatt (Deep-la.com): The dynamic duo come through again!
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT: Migs & Lisa = instant goosebumps
Michael Fossati (Spiritofhouse.com): Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw have been pulling out all the stops to grace us with an expertly crafted gem…
Micky More: I love what I’m hearing. Full support!
Deli-G (Future Of House): The Magic Duo Mr Migs and Miss Shaw equal dope music.
Homero Espinosa (Moulton Music): I can feel it!! Nice one Migs!!!
Curtis Zack (DJ Times / Defected): Pure class – full support.
Husky (Random Soul): Quality deep/soulful house as always from the dynamic duo. Original Vocal and stripped vocal are perfect for the upcoming summer sets down under.
J&M Brothers: Great stuff!
Jask: Smooth one
Tom Hoch (FaderPro / Beta Nightclub): Dope deep cuts sounds like Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw just have this coming forever. Awesome right up our alley.
Deeplomatik / Seb Skalski: Great Vocals and Vibe!!! DOPE!!!
John Jones (Hed Kandi): Migs and Shaw go together like peas and carrots. Wicked. support from me as per usual.
Randy Schlager (DMX, Inc / KNHC 89.5 FM): Sweet and delicious…
Greg van Bueren (HARDSOUL): Nice!
Dave Mayer: Great track, dope Deluxe Deep Dub!! Much love for you both. xx
GUSTAVO FK (BARCELONA/BRASIL): Its a spiritual thing! Thanx Migs!
Craig Roseberry (NYC – Kiehl’s & Hardrock Hotels Music Curator / Magnetic Magazine): More exquisite smoky, deep and hypnotic electro-soul house gorgeousness from Migs and the incomparable Lisa Shaw. Living for the vocal and dub!! Full support!!


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