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SLT119: Misunderstood – Miguel Migs Feat. Coco Bonne
Release Date: July 14, 2017

1. Misunderstood (Midnight Vocal)
2. Misunderstood (Rub The Dub)
3. Misunderstood (Stripped & Salty Vocal)

Release Info

Migs delivers this captivating creative piece of deep underground goodness with ‘Misunderstood’. Introducing Coco Bonne’s rich smokey freestyle vocal delivery evoking pure raw self expression as sweet and subtle synth melodies layer with an array of dynamic textures offering aural stimulation.

The ‘Midnight Vocal’ brings a late night edge with a penetrating and filtering arpeggio bass progression as resonating synth stabs and slick chord swells all slowly burn and build lifting the mood.

‘Rub the Dub’ veers more into dance floor territory with a steady tech feel as sizzling synths sway in and out over a classic inspired potent bass bounce.

The ‘Stripped & Salty Vocal’ serves up a hint of nostalgic flavor unabashedly taking things into a sweet and soulful realm that combines warm lovely chords, tasty guitar licks and a Moog bass groove allowing Coco’s vocal to float and shine.

Select Artist Feedback

Inland Knights: Very nice thanks.
Danielle Moore (Crazy P): Great stuff from Migsy!
Richard Earnshaw: All 3 mixes bang on!!
Sebb Aston / Junior: Wonderful!
DJ Mark Knight (Tool Room Records): Thanks for the music.
Scott Wozniak: Sexy slice of deepness from the Migs Man. Full support from NYC!
DEEPLOMATIK (Seb Skalski / SpekuLLa Records / Purple Music): Top Quality as expected from Miguel!! Stripped Mix is a Killer!!
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT: Migs signature groove-bassline can’t do any wrong. Love it!
Homero Espinosa (Moulton Music): So happy to see new music from Migs in my inbox! Deep, sexy and funky in all the right places. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!
Kiko Navarro: Yes the stripped and salty vocal is cool for sunset and laidback sets.
Husky (Random Soul): I never really need to listen to a Migs record…we know it’s going to be dope. <3 Soledrifter: Love all 3, great job maestro.
Jask: Loving it :-)
Dave Mayer: Smooth vocal!! Love this track!
Dave Storm: Stripped & Salty Vocal is lovely. Really good for warm-ups.
Kinky Movement: Nice tracks as always, Midnight Vocal and Stripped & Salty. Vocal are my favs, Cheers!
Rob Paine (Worship Recordings): Soulful grooviness w a dub siren stab… yeah you got me.
Michael Fossati (Spiritofhouse.com): Miguel Migs truly is on top of his game with this dazzling production…


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