Miguel Migs

Burnin’ Up

Miguel Migs feat. Sonny J Mason


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SLT031: Burnin’ Up – Miguel Migs Feat. Sonny J Mason
Release Date: May 18, 2010

1. Burnin’ Up (Dario D’Attis Vocal)
2. Burnin’ Up (Dario D’Attis Dub)
3. Burnin’ Up (Original Vocal)
4. Burnin’ Up (Migs Deep and Spacey Dub)
5. Burnin’ Up (Inland Knights Disco Biscuit Dub)
6. Burnin’ Up (Fabio Tosti Under Club Vocal)
7. Burnin’ Up (Fabio Tosti Under Dub)

Release Info

Migs teams up yet again with the talented UK based vocalist/artist Sonny J Mason on “Burnin’ Up”!

Already receiving massive support from the likes of: Mr.V, Grant Nelson, Fred Everything, Raul Campos, Tony Humphries, Jask, Jeff Craven, Yogi & Huskey, Sonny Fodera, Danny Krivit, DJ MFR, Nathan Lee, Dutchican Soul, Russell Deeks and many, many more!

Sonny’s unique and soulful style combine hints of R&B, soul, funk and disco, which are all on the menu with this uplifting and diverse package of quality dance music.

Dario D’Attis delivers a vocal and dub both with peak time dance floor appeal. Techy synth stabs and a thumpin’ bass groove along with tough dance beats and saxophone solos.

Inland Knights bring the underground disco bump and grind with their late night dub interpretation.

Migs’ original evokes an 80’s inspired funk vibe with choppy guitars, big horn stabs and layered synth pad swells.

While the dub takes things into a deeper and laid back spacey atmospheric direction.

Fabio Tosti strips it all down for a straight up classic house feel focusing on the steady beats, bass groove and vocal sitting on top, along with a dub version as well to finish things off.

Please support indie labels and DO NOT copy or share! Respect and rock the disco-tech!

Artist Feedback

Mr. V – Wow man… honestly really hard to choose one as all of them have diff vibes for different situations, dude all of them are nice! (5 stars)
Grant Nelson – gonna rock this hard, full support! (5 stars)
Fred Everything – Welcome back Miguel! Nice package. My fav’s are the Migs Spacey Dub and Inland Knight’s remix. (4 stars)
Tony Humphries – Nice male vocal tune! Dario D’Attis mix works better for us.. (4 stars)
CJ Mackintosh – Loving the dubs! (4 stars)
The Dario d’Attis dub is on fire. Massive release! (5 stars)
Danny Krivit
very good (4 stars)
Raul Campos (KCRW)
– Fantastic release from Migs and the Salted family! I love the migs deep and spacey dub. (5 stars)
Yogi & Huskey
– Migs never puts a foot wrong….solid remix from IK, and loving the FabioTosti dub… but you cant beat the original mixes.. all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake… (5 stars)
Hot package…. Dario and Migs mixes for me! (5 stars)
Kiko Navarro
– Nice to hear another solid release from Salted, i like Dario D’attis work and Inland Knights, Miguel is back in full effect! (3 stars)
Nathan G
– Excellent Stuff! Diggin the Inland Knights Dub for my late night when things get a little jackin’ – though Miguel’s original vocal and the deep spacey dub are classic Migs quality and production and have my full support everywhere! (5 stars)
Sonny Fodera
– Loving Mig’s Deep and Spacey dub and the Inland Knights remix. (5 stars)
Aaron Ross
SMOKIN (5 stars)
Jeff Craven
(large records)
– Another stellar release from the Salted camp. Great vocal with a great song… but i am really feeling the dubs: Dario D’attis and the Inland Knights are great but Migs Deep and Spacey is pure fire! (4 stars)
Deli G
– This jam will get my support with club plays! (4 stars)
– Migs always on point love all mixes! (5 stars)
Trevor Mac
– quality as always! migs dub is the one for me. (5 stars)
Nathan Lee
(Hed Kandi)
– Been on this bad boy the last few weeks! Dario D’Attis vocal is huge! such a sweet track. Love it! (5 stars)
Dj Dealer
– Solid package but it is still all about the Original Mix for me. (4 stars)
Juan Sunshine
– migs mixes are the ones for me! (4 stars)
Nicc Johnson
(pacha funky room/ibiza radio)
– summer!!!! really enjoyed their last collaboration, no different here. Liking all the mixes. Inland Knights and Tosti dub are my favorites! (4 stars)
Antony Angell
(stereo sushi)
– monster track, will be heavily supporting! (4 stars)
Dutchican Soul
– Wow! Another masterpiece of Migs here. The original and Migs deep and spacey dub are the ones for us. Full support and look forward to dropping this tonight! (5 stars)
Russell Deeks
– Quality as ever, full support! (5 stars)


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