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SLT104: Body Moves – Miguel Migs
Release Date: October 28, 2016

1. Body Moves (Body Love Mix)
2. Body Moves (Salty Club Rub)
3. One Time

Release Info

Migs serves up a little track based offering featuring some smooth sounds and a catchy vocal hook. The Body Love Mix delivers a warm and moody piano driven flow drenched in subtle layers and dynamic textures.

While the Salty Club Rub aims more towards the dance floor with a big bouncing bass groove that cuts through effectively taking control up front and center.

Finishing off with One Time which slows things down and shifts into a deeper classic direction, a simple intoxicating ride that slowly brews drawing you in…

Select Artist Feedback

Hot Toddy (Crazy P): One Time is a mid tempo stomper!
Mr. V: Love It.
Richard Earnshaw: Completely excellent! Body Moves (Body Love Mix) and “One Time” for me.
Johnny Fiasco: Solid!
DJ Mes (GuestHouse Music): HEAVY!!!
Soulmagic: Typical Migs quality! Love the slow deepness in One Time
Greg van Bueren (Hardsoul): Nice one!
Sam Divine (Defected): Good vibes…
Homero Espinosa (Moulton Music): SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!
Jask: Dope as expected.
Husky (Random Soul): Top vibes as always from Migs. Feeling the Body Love mix and the classic sample cut up One Time.
Sebb Aston / Sebb Junior: Wonderful!
Fred Everything: Body Love for me. I have to admit, I’m usually not a big fan of low pitched acapellas, but I really like the back track which has a classic Migs feel to it and the usual high level of production.
BLACKSOUL / PEZNT: all three are dope! my vote goes to Salty Club Rub.
DEEPLOMATIK (Seb Skalski/SpekuLLa Records): so good!!! nice creative cuts from Classic Disco vocals!! Full Support for Miguel as always!!!
Jeff Craven (Large Music): Tasty Grooves indeed… Going for the Salty Club Rub upon first listen.
Julius Papp: Feelin’ the BODY LOVE MIX – deepness at work!
DJ Bryan Jones (Golf Clap): Dub is sweet!
J&M Brothers: Excellent!
Nick (Groove Assassin): oh YES the vibe is rollin’!
Soledrifter: Great vibes on this one.
DANISM (DJ Dan Liquid): Quality jazz vibes.
Alek Soltirov: Loving the vibe on the Body Love Mix!
Franksen: Good garage vibes on that rerub funkin my system. All hail the Migs.
CJ Mackintosh (Various / London): Body Love Mix for me and One time is nice too.
Deli-G (Future Of House): Another Top Release for Salted…
Elan Hurtado (Blockhead Recordings): THIS!! Dope one Miguel!
Viktor Szekrenyes (Tensnake / Mirau Music): Body Love mix is great!
Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge): Salty and sweet… super.
Curtis Zack (DJ Times / Defected): Lush stuff
Craig Roseberry (Kiehl’s & Hardrock Hotels / Magnetic Magazine): Love it! Supple, soulful and introspective melodic house laced with plaintive piano, warm textures and a clever usage of the Sylvester sample to boot – what’s not to love?! It’s all about the ‘Body Love Mix’ and the there’s “One Time” – exquisite sleazy sexy deepness at its best. It has SLAYED and TURNED me out! Full support, of course.


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