Window Shades Radio Mix (Free Download)

Window Shades Radio Mix – By Miguel Migs

Deep textures, soulful dubbed out vocals and boogie down basslines
all intertwine in this seamless mix featuring a variety of musical
styles and elements for your listening pleasure… enjoy!



Deeplomatik – Sensation (Salted Music Unreleased)
Soledrifter – Quest For Beauty (Salted Music Unreleased)
Markwood – 4 Your Love
J&M Brothers – Thinking All Night (Salted Music Unreleased)
Toka Project – Back To My Loops
From P60 feat. Virag – New Way (Subsky Remix)
Miguel Migs feat. Lisa Shaw – Heartbeat (DJ Le Roi Unreleased Mix)
Jorge – Take The Lyon (Atapy Remix)
Miguel Migs – Moving Sound (Together Dub 2) (Salted Music Unreleased)
Meyz – I Want You
Rekreation – wonder
Scott Diaz – Therapy
Javier Varez – Doubts&Wind (Art of Tones Remix)
Alysha Kid – Sure Think
Soulshaker (Loco Records)
Sur-i-kan & Dan D’nell – I like It
Phillip Knight – The Vibe
Pete Grace – No Body Else
Fudge & Kiko Navarro – So Tight
Doc Link – Circles (Point of View)

19 Responses to Window Shades Radio Mix (Free Download)

  1. Ray Hur says:

    I love your stuff, and hope you visit Seoul Korea for concert. you have to know there is a lot of fans in Korea.

  2. Tania says:

    love EVERYTHING you mix…..when are you coming to Australia again?

  3. AntBee says:

    Thank you! I love Miguel’s stuff, have for a number of years! I wish Naked Music and Salted Music many more years of success!

  4. Clarkey says:

    Outstanding as usual. Migs has got it just right…..



  6. Artist Support says:

    Not sure if this track will get released. We’ll announce in the Salted Music Newsletter as well as the Facebook Page if this track does get released in the future.

  7. Lorraine best says:

    Soledrifter – Quest For Beauty (Salted Music Unreleased)
    when are they going to relaese it ??

  8. Joan Francesc says:

    Fantastic !!!

  9. Marcel Pinas says:

    I have always been a fan of Miguel. His music gives me the chills every time. Always top melodies and what I expect from top deep house!

  10. Bartosz says:

    Very good job! this is my favourite kind of deep house! Peace…

  11. dJMars says:

    Hi Miquel,

    Great mix!!
    When will Soledrifter – Quest For Beauty (Salted Music Unreleased) out on Salted?
    That track is really stunnig!
    Love from Amsterdam

  12. dJMars says:

    Hi Miquel,

    Great mix!!
    When will Soledrifter – Quest For Beauty (Salted Music Unreleased) out on Salted?
    That track is really stunnig!
    Love from Amsterdam

  13. holly harris says:


    I will always be grateful for the way your music moved me.thankfully holly

  14. Rayfitz says:

    Thank you Miguel Migs!!! Excellence as always!#1

  15. GeneGroove says:

    Thanxx for the good vibes Miguel. We want to GeneGroove you, give us a call!

  16. Jack says:

    Migs belongs in the House Hall of Fame if there ever is such a place. He is a national treasure and this mix is just another jewel in his collection.

  17. Kelly says:

    This is sooo good!!! I’ve been groovin nonstop since discovering this… You are amazing Migs! I love everything you do. Keep shining your light! :)

  18. Tanzanight says:

    This set is friggin’ off the hook!! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better with what Miguel does, then comes this!!! Blown away–thank you, Miguel, for making it free for us!

  19. Mr. Blanket DJ A.K.A DJ Smallisto says:

    Too Good As Always, i luv it…..
    Mr. Blanket @ vinyl joint ,south africa

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