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The Random Soul Story…

Imagine this – Upfront house beats, synthetic elements, smooth vocals blended with live melodic keyboards – This is Random Soul, Australia’s No.1 house duo.

Random Soul is a collaboration of two of Sydney’s finest DJs and Producers, Yogi & Husky. Over the last 5 years Yogi & Husky have combined their production skills, musical talents and their mutual love of soul, jazz and funk, to bring Random Soul alive to clubs, poolside bars and DJ sets globally.

Their distinct studio sound, includes vocals and keys from Yogi, and has framed their songs to give the duo a unique place in the world’s house music scene. With a mix of booty shaking bass lines, organic and synthetic instruments, and melodies you can’t forget, their production work continues to grow. Their originals and remixes are released on respected house labels including Interscope, Sony Australia, Ultra, Hussle/Ministry of Sound Australia, Bargrooves, Salted Music, Shifted Music, Barcoda Recordings, Guesthouse, Hermosa Recordings, Celebrity Records, OneThirty Recordings, Adaptation UK, Candy Music and Eight-Fifteen Recordings.

Take this sound to the stage and Yogi & Husky have the crowd bouncing to their up-beat dance floor tracks, or sipping down cocktails to their more soulful tones. No matter if it is a small intimate gig, a large club or a festival, Random Soul is able to work the floor and unite their fans.

Random Soul is a key player on the international house music scene as their music soundtracks all types of events including the pre club warm-up, the main event and the day after party. Their diverse playlist has seen them tour across Asia, Europe and the USA, spreading their unique sound to club goers and dance tiles.

Proving their success as producers and performers, Yogi & Husky were asked to mix and compile Hed Kandi’s “Beach House 2008”. The success of their tunes has also landed them on many CD compilations, including Stereo Sushi vol 12 & 14, Record Glam, Re-Souled vol 1 & 2 (Jay-J), Kay Rush ‘Unlimited V’ & ‘Unlimited VII’, Get Large (Chuck Love), Get Salted vol 2 (Miguel Migs), Hed Kandi Beach House Australia/USA and UK editions.

After being named in the Traxsource “Generation Next” list for 2009, Random soul remains dedicated to their music and innovative style. 2010 opens the door for new tunes, new shows but the same passion and energy that Random Soul fans have come to know and love.


Random Soul Productions

Yogi & Husky “Bass, Drums, Harmony EP” – Salted Music – April 2011
Random Soul “Hypnotize Me” – Random Soul Recordings – March 2011
Yogi & Husky “Take Me Away” – Random Soul Recordings – January 2011
Random Soul Feat Tim Fuller “Let Love Fly Part 2” – Random Soul Recordings – October 2010
Yogi & Husky “Just Bounce EP” – Random Soul Recordings – September 2010
Random Soul Feat Tim Fuller “Let Love Fly Part 1” – Random Soul Recordings – August 2010
Random Soul “One Of Dem Joints EP” – Large – July 2010
Random Soul Feat Kristen Pearson “Steppin Out” – Random Soul Recordings – June 2010
Random Soul & Vincent Kwok “Sydney to San Francisco” – Eight Fifteen Recordings – May 2010
Random Soul ‘Outta Sight, Outta Mind’ – Random Soul Recordings – April 2010
Random Soul “Its What You Got” – Random Soul Recordings – March 2010
Random Soul & Vincent Kwok “From Sydney To San Francisco” – Eight Fifteen Recordings – November 2009
Random Soul “Express, Connect then Shake” – Candy Music – September 2009
Random Soul “Better Place” – Barcoda Recordings – August 2009
Random Soul & Vincent Kwok “Music Is My Life” – Shifted Music – June 2009
Yogi & Husky “The Body Language EP” – Salted Music – April 2009
Random Soul & Silky “Searchin” – Reelgroove Recordings – April 2009
Random Soul “Prime For The Airwaves EP” – Onethirty Recordings – January 2009
Vincent Kwok & Random Soul “Come To Life” – Eight Fifteen Recordings – November 2008
Random Soul “Lifitn Me Higher” – Barcoda Recordings – October 2008
Random Soul “Bodies Movin” – Celebrity Records – April 2008
Random Soul “Key To Soul” – Shifted Music – April 2008
Yogi & Husky “The Random Soul EP” – Salted Music – January 2008
Random Soul “The Come On EP” – Celebrity Records – July 2007

Random Soul Remixes

Those Usual Suspects “In This Life” – Asterix – February 2011
Andrew Chibale “Deep Funk” – Grouper Recordings– December 2010
Cool Million “Back For More” – Sedsoul – November 2010
Vernon & DaCosta “All For One” – Homecoming Music – November 2010
Nicolas Vautier Feat Rachael Claudio “On and On” – Jaffa Music – August 2010
Andy Ward & Nica Brooke “Find My Way” – Sounds Of The Booth – May 2010
Groove Junkies Feat T.C Moses “Far Away” – Morehouse – May 2010
Husky “Keep It Original”– Guesthouse Music – March 2010
Jay West “Let It Ride” – Adaptation Music – February 2010
Jay-J “Keep On Rising” – Defected/Bargrooves – February 2010
Jay West & Ingrid Hakanson “Funny Things” – Candy Music – December 2009
Haldo “Night City Journey” – Adaptation Music – November 2009
Justin Michael & Blake Reary “Watching Her Move” – Ultra Music – August 2009
Christos Kedras “Sweet Temptation part 2” – Kapa Music – August 2009
Ricardo Rae feat Kristy Glab “True Love” – Serial Thriller – June 2009
Jay-J with Charlene Moore “Love Alive” – Shifted Music – June 2009
Kwality Kontrol feat Alana Bridgewater “Don’t Stop” – Reelgroove Recordings – May 2009
Kerri Hilson Feat Kanye West & Ne-Yo “Knock You Down” – Interscope – May 2009
Miguel Migs “So Far” – Sony Australia/Salted Music – May 2009
Christos Kedras “Sweet Temptation part 1” – Kapa Music – April 2009
Ronan feat Morrisson “Funky Thing” – Onethirty Recordings – March 2009
Lady Ga Ga “Eh Eh” – Interscope – January 2009
Evolve “The Way Back” – Shifted Music – December 2008
Jay west feat Ruegroove “Twisted Heart” – Celebrity Records – December 2008
Ronan feat Morrisson “Funky Thing part 1” – Onethirty Recordings – December 2008
Joshua Heath “Monday Blues” – Kolour Recordings – November 2008
Yogi feat Briohny Thomas “Sumtin (You Gimme That) – Shifted Music – October 2008
Vincent Kwok “What About You part 2” – Eight Fifteen Recordings – October 2008
Sonny J Mason “ Life Is The Music” – Salted Music – August 2008
Justin Michael feat Donnie Romello “Music High” – Hermosa recordings – April 2008
Chuck Love “Yellow Truth” – Onethirty Recordings – April 2008
Justin Michael & Secret Soul feat Gina Rene “Celebration of Music” – Hermosa Recordings – March 2008
Q45 & Amy B “Delete My Number” – Hussle Recordings – November 2007
Divided Souls “I Can Feel” White Lotus Club Recordings – August 2007
Romana “Try Me Out” – Hussle Recordings – February 2007